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"We hope these meetings will build a dialogue and better understanding," said Hisham Maizar, president of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Switzerland.Many Swiss welcomed the Muslim overture and flocked to nearby mosques to get first-hand experience.We ask Allah (Most Exalted is He) to accept our efforts which we do only in seeking His absolute pleasure and we ask His forgiveness for any mistakes or miss understanding we have made, due to our lack of knowledge or ignorance.Swiss Mosques Open for Non-Muslims Islam & News Agencies Many Swiss non-Muslims welcomed the initiative and flocked to the nearby mosques to get first-hand experience with Muslims."We expected 200 to 300, so we're very pleased with the turnout," said Ouansafi.The Day featured entertainment activities, games for children, free food and a panel discussion on coexistence in a pluralistic society."A lot of people reacted out of fear and ignorance,” said Ouansafi.“They’ve had a chance to reflect a little bit more and people are coming around." Hawaii is home to a Muslim community of 3,000.

Under the initiative championed by a number of the Swiss Muslim organizations, mosques will be open to non-Muslim visitors over the coming days.The SVP claims minarets are a symbol of Shari'ah and are thus incompatible with the Swiss legal system.The proposed ban has caused an outcry in Switzerland, with the government denouncing it as unconstitutional and discriminatory.The country's Roman Catholic bishops have urged voters to reject the proposed minaret ban.Opinion polls suggest the proposed ban will be rejected by voters.

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