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To stop this from happening to anyone else I would highly suggest when installing this version of avast to make sure to do a custom install not the standard install.When you get to the screen that shows the items to be installed uncheck the option to install "Browser Protection".Tried turning off the shields but that did not help.Finally I figured out that if you turn off the avast browser add-on's it fixes everything. Of course I know how to deal with this now but for the general non techie how would they ever figure it out.It has numerous sheilds and a nice voice that tells you when updates are done, unlike that annoying in your face pop up from others. It may show many fake positives but it is better to be overprotected than not protected at all. I've used this program in the past and at present on my dual-core machine.What I like is the auto sandbox, if you need to or if something is suspicious, Avast will ask if you want to run it in Auto Sandbox, which is basically a virtual setting so no harm is done to your actual system. I suggest you use it with MSE for guarantee to be sure you are clean. I've always found it to work very well and is reasonably fast.While full featured, the EULA is too wide ranging (my opinion) in what it allows the software to do.If you are ok with that, then the product is effective.

These are the ones that get brought to me because their commercial product, or their other free antivirus couldn't keep out the virus'.If I was not in a bad financial situation presently I would gladly upgrade. I would also like to point out the excellent support on the avast forum. I was a dedicated Avira user but now find Avast to be as good (or better), all while using low system resources.(I could imagine how even better it works/serves my PC with a complete package! I had a problem with my Avast copy, but thanks to the forum users it was solved in less then a day. Also, Avast does not issue many false positives like some other AVs.Avast won me away from Norton Anti-Virus back in the day, simply because it was so fast starting up Windows. So the lack of controls that allow you to change settings on ads and pop ups and the more confusing interface might be tolerable, but the slow speed is not. The 2 prior viruses that got through, I was able to fix with help that I found on Google.With this latest one I cant get my computer to do a thing and there are so many error messages we can't keep track of them.

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