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For default My SQL installations this is usually in the Data directory under the directory where My SQL was installed.Locate the name of the database you want to rename under the Data directory and rename it.Is the same if your running the command through a shell and you computer crashes. Personally i would strongly suggest any console method rather than PMA if you have a reasonably large database.

BAT :: *************************************************************************** :: DESCRIPTION :: This is a Windows /MS-DOS batch file that automates renaming a My SQL database :: by using My SQLDump, My SQLAdmin, and My SQL to perform the required tasks.Although “method 2″ seems a bit more complicated than the “method 1″, this is totally scriptable.A simple bash script to carry out the above steps in proper sequence, can help you save space and time while renaming database schemas next time.Intricacies with above methods : We may need to update the GRANTS for users such that they match the correct schema_name.These could fixed with a simple UPDATE on mysql.columns_priv, mysql.procs_priv, mysql.tables_priv, tables updating the old_schema name to new_schema and calling “Flush privileges;”.

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Renaming the directory could cause some permissions issues though. Note: You must stop My SQL before you can rename the database I would recommend creating a new database (using the name you want) and export/import the data you need from the old to the new. Beware of this option if you have any views or triggers in your database.

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