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All that seemed to work were soldering irons, and only three trains - two pulled by my locos and one built by a dear-departed friend, with a scratch-built chassis built by me. A kit-built Royal Scot (ostensibly professionally made) wouldn't even pull its own tender and all the others either buzzed, derailed constantly, shorted or went the opposite way to convention when the controller was turned on.My apologies to any exhibition-goers who remember it.Needless to say, I have nothing of that now, and apart from some of the 'dinosaur' locos which have appeared on this thread, none of those earlier creations.But, I/we built it ourselves, and no amount of superior-quality modelling (and much of what's seen on this site is fantastic) can take that away. I have made the tender closer-coupling to the loco by replacing the existing connection with a shorter one made from plasticard (as I'm not a 'metalworker' like you).Mike Edge had built me an A2/2 and A2/3 from scratch some three/four years before (locos only), though I was never entirely happy with them - that's not a criticism of his work, by the way, it's just that we were both on learning curves at that time, and today he's one of the top loco builders in the country.Now substantially rebuilt, they can both be seen running on Great Northern's Peterborough North as respectively WOLF OF BADENOCH (original identity) and DANTE (renamed and renumbered from WATLING STREET).

Two guys had two such locos each, built from kits, and these worked well (they came out of the woodwork at the EGM), but we were still about a dozen-fifteen short of appropriate loco types, especially if ringing the changes was contemplated.Other kits from the likes of Wills, K's, Nu-Cast, Cornard/Mc Gowan and Craftsman gave me quick routes to other types as well.RTR locos were rejected as being unsuitable (how times change), apart from some Hornby-Dublo A4 bodies running on scratch-built chassis, hauling Wills' tenders.Previously, political correctness and democracy meant that it was based 'somewhere in England' - anywhere, in fact. One bloke built the appropriate Prototype Models' kits for the station and signal box and I donated my previously-built model from the same source of Little Bytham goods shed (how the wheel turns! Two guys, sadly now departed, were building exquisite BR freight stock and another bloke and I had made enough passenger trains from kits or modified proprietary.But, allowing for enough replacements in case of failure, we needed at least 30 locos.

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Cast-metal chassis were dumped at source and replaced with scratch-built alternatives or frames/bogies from Jamieson.

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