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(One of the reasons I’m so enjoying BF is that he encourages the healthier preferences of my personality.)BF is intensely into self-improvement and not having anyone Toxic in his life.

We both came out of very difficult relationships where we were the ‘Carer’ for a really emotionally troubled partner, so I get the feeling he is anxious about me going off the rails, perhaps.

If your boyfriend suddenly starts hiding things from you, it’s a sign that he is planning to bail.

Now’s the time to be brutally honest with yourself and face the reality.

It’s going to be hard but the light at the end of the dark tunnel is: If your boyfriend loved you once, he can love you again.

He drinks too much and does drugs, and I don’t partake in the latter but am happy to go out for a pint with him and other friends.

It’s probably important to note that Steve and I had a very casual fling last summer and then it settled into a friendship by my choosing, a year before I started dating my boyfriend, and my boyfriend knows this and claims that it’s not a problem.

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I felt able to assert that I needed to make my own decisions about my friends, and who I spend time with, but also that I respect his discomfort in this issue, so I think we reached a good conclusion, but I still feel a bit unsettled. Hi Person Who Enjoys Chilling, I’m assuming Steve didn’t say anything really racist or otherwise horrifying in the few moments that he and your boyfriend interacted.

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