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The leads have great chemistry and I love Oguri's hair and that suit towards the end...effin gorgeous!

Toru walks up to the platform and gives a speech to the potential new hirees.

Five mongrel dogs tumbled at Priscilla’s feet as she looked for the key, then she noticed something wrong.

Through the glass she could see the lights on the security panel, indicating that someone had opened the door during the three and a half hours they had been had come to be called, though mansion didn’t do justice to the eye-popping million sprawl of trapezoids and parallelograms and oddly sloping white walls that multimillionaire Cullen Davis had built to immortalize his marriage to Priscilla eight years ago.

This one however will mark my 4th Jdrama: first was "Gokusen," followed by "Hana Kimi," and "Hana Yori Dango." Yeah I've got this thing for Shun Oguri.

Each episode is awesome, love the chemistry of both leads and i cant wait for the next episode.

He's not that good looking and he's got his handsome side, but what really draws me to him is the way he acts and his facial expressions...he's just..addicting haha; he's the only Japanese actor that I follow.

Fave line - "If you break a wall, you need to take responsibility." ohmyheaaaart Oguri Shun daisukiiiiii this is the first time after a while that I watch J-drama after a pile of K-dramas I refreshing!

This drama sucked big time cause of all the good comments it has you think maybe it will get better but oh no it doesn't .....not gets worse and stupid and ****** up .

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