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Studies have shown that if employees feel valued, they are more likely to work harder, take more responsibility and require less supervision than those who are treated like errant school children who must be watched at all times.Some would argue yes and that there is a multi-million dollar time tracking industry to prove it.These can be soldered in with pins going in either direction.Unfortunately, I put some on the wrong side for another project and had to unsolder them and put some new ones on the other side.

WARNING: Close ‘u-center’ before disconnecting GPS. Otherwise u-center will lock up and you will get a Blue screen. Each GPS sampling shows in yellow, which changes to green when the next sampling occurs.

It is estimated that the average employee ‘steals’ between four and five hours a week from their employer, which adds up to one full working week every year – costing businesses hundreds of billions of dollars a year worldwide.

Time theft comes in a variety of different guises and is often difficult to detect.

The connectors were not as shown but centered on the PCB.

pt=LH_Default Domain_0&hash=item3a916e65bc WARNING: I think I actually ordered this one but the one I got was slightly different.

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