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As Czechs tend to be practical, let’s think logistics. “Being in Prague has given me a new lease of life,” says Sarah, a teacher who recently launched ABC Activity, an after school club with the aim of improving children’s English.“Setting up my own business in a foreign country is something I never could have predicted before moving here – meeting my Czech partner gave me the chance to do that.” 3.It’s not a Czech thing – it’s him When dating a native, it’s easy to put down every quirk of theirs to the fact that they have a different passport.Don’t explain away too much of their bad behavior simply by saying with a shrug, “It’s a Czech thing.” If you’re unhappy about the fact that he’s spending almost every evening with his mates in the pub or if his directness crosses the line into tactlessness, you’re allowed to say so. Be nice to Mamka Getting on the right side of your prospective mother-in-law is a bit of a no-brainer.The American capacity for frilly, over-polite distortions of obvious truth, isn´t something I really miss. Czech men aren´t exactly hand-wringing Woody Allen types. Is there something about public transportation that brings out the latent octopus in all Czech men? A recent International Business Times article decried the global proliferation of baseball caps as a “symptom of society´s seemingly permanent deterioration”.While your significant other denying the muffin top peeking out of your jeans may spare your feelings it´s still dishonest. Perhaps it´s due to the language barrier, but lengthy discussions of the “what-exactly-are-we” nature don´t seem to occur with them. As a blushing Midwesterner first come to this land, I immediately took note of the extended Metro make-out as a marquee cultural difference. I can´t count the number of times I´ve studied a text message from a would-be Czech suitor, reading between the lines of the phrase “I have very busy program tomorrow,” searching for some subtle suggestion of blow off, then firing back a sassy retort only to be met with his complete bewilderment. In a 2011 survey tallying World Penis Size and compiled by, a Web site providing “statistical information offered by trusted research centers and reports worldwide” Czechs placed third in Europe, surpassed only by Frenchmen (#2) and Hungarians (#1). Czech men and fashion still have a long way to go, but this is one dowdy look they haven´t latched onto. The Czech language is so awash with diminutives that it´s often referred to by our neighbors to the north as “baby Polish”.

But for every over-blinged Russian oligarch and Speedo-wearing Italian, Europeans play into our fantasies for their more agreeable traits, too.

Forget the navel-gazing psychobabble, get sporty and make sure you get on the right side of his Mamka if you want it to work out, says Lisette Allen. He’s not just a Czech mate – or kamarád with benefits – but your potential life-partner. Falling for someone from a different country certainly throws up more challenges than hooking up with the boy next door. One of you will inevitably be far away from the support network of family and friends you’ve grown up with – a big ask. I don’t want to suggest that cross-cultural relationships are all about sacrifice though.

Here are some pointers for those of you who’ve decided to ignore the bad press Czech men receive and take the plunge. Compromise – but not too much If you’re dating someone who comes from a different country, compromise is both inevitable and essential. Some give and take on both sides will be required but don’t become a doormat. Upping sticks for love can present exciting new opportunities – coming to a new country might be just the excuse you need to ditch an unfulfilling career and pursue a different path.

And don’t try to compete on the Czech cuisine front – your potato dumplings will never be the same. Ditch the psychobabble Czech men find the forensic examination of their every emotional nuance at best irritating, and at worst, a deal breaker.

When indulging in this over-analytical behavior, Anna’s* Czech partner once screamed at her in frustration: “I will not be the scientist of this relationship!

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