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If however she waits to be intimate, or she wants to engage in conversations, either via text, phone or in person, then she’s probably looking for a boyfriend. Lucia: It seems as if the majority of Cougars are early to mid-40s and date men in their mid 20s.There isn’t really an age difference that Cougars find acceptable, if it’s just casual, however they do prefer over 21 generally.As stated above in disadvantages for younger men dating Cougars, other people will have a problem with the relationship.His mother will probably not be very happy about it and members of the woman’s family or the woman’s children may also be concerned.Are you bored of dating so often insecure and moody women of your age? Probably you should consider finding yourself around an attractive and more mature woman.

Lucia: As there’s no designated “Cougar meeting area”, the top 3 places to meet a Cougar are at work, on dating sites (, and at the gym.

However, the way to find out will either be to ask her directly what she’s looking for, or by her actions.

If she doesn’t want to go out with you, and prefers to meet up at either her place or yours, then she’s looking for something casual.

Lucia: They want someone with little to no baggage – someone who isn’t seeing his children every other weekend and has a lot of available time.

They’re looking for someone who isn’t going to try to control them, who is good in bed, has stamina and endurance and a great body.

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Lucia: Older women are more in touch with their femininity and sensuality, thus they are less inhibited sexually.

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  2. They want the process of dating hot women cloaked in mystery and so called "advanced seduction techniques." Plus, if you don't have the ,000 to ,000 to plunk down for a "bootcamp" or "in field" training, you're not even in their game. Even more frightening than this is afford to pay the staggering amount of money needed to get their coaching, there's no guarantee of results.