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1448s with an 18-fret fingerboard and a small 3-watt, 6” speaker tube amp built into the case. Something’s “iconic” when it represents something bigger than itself. Whether due to the ownership change or coincidence, the Dano line was shuffled.These were followed in 1963 by the full-size red-sparkle-finished Masonite two-pickup guitars with a 5-watt, 8” speaker tube amp, the No. “Iconic” does not mean, as modern advertising copywriters throw it around everywhere these days, “his best album,” or, more often, “very famous” or “extremely popular.” Icons are like symbols or metaphors with greater meaning attached, signaling a bigger message or concept. The two-pickup 1449 was renumbered to 1457 and a bunch of new models debuted.For example, on the photo below this guitar is without doubt a H22 (You can type a model number, with the H, on the search box on top of this page).The first part of the serial number has no precise meaning relative to the date of production.

All of us – players and makers alike – started adding features and making demands that drove complexity up, up and away.

In 1938 National-Dobro revisited the idea, introducing the Supro 60 Electric Combination and the Portable Supro 70 Electric Combination.

Both of these featured a little pearloid-covered Supro Electric Hawaiian Guitar tucked into an amp in case unit.

They began selling Danelectro-branded guitars and amps in around 1954.

People throw the term around all too often—and ignorantly—these days, but those ‘50s and ‘60s Danos were truly iconic.

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A population on the go, on brand new Interstate superhighways. The 8” speaker and tube output have really sweet tone and really decent volume, more than you’d expect.

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