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I often get asked questions like: Long story short, no.I saw the pain and blame my mother had for herself, and even though my father and I had a strained relationship for reasons beyond HIV, he never intended for things to go this way. If you Google my name, it’s not hard to find out I’m HIV-positive.Would that force my family and me to pick up and leave?I wondered if he told his family they might think I was “dirty.” Or think my parents were.I’m been publicly open about my status since I was 21.I disclosed on You Tube because I couldn’t fathom telling someone one-on-one at first—so instead, I told the whole world all at once.

I think people have this misconception that it is only an HIV-positive person’s responsibility to have their health in check. I would expect my partner to be tested for everything and for us to be open with each other.My colleague didn’t disclose my status because he didn’t know if that would be out of line or not (for the record, I wouldn’t have minded). I later found out that he had seen an article about me in the , and he was cool with it. One of the questions I’m often asked is: For me, personally and according to a recent statement from Dr.During the date, we were talking about how I was going to be travelling for a health conference, and I blurted out my status. Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, the answer is about 0 percent.If I’m being honest, the fact that he didn’t know much about HIV probably turned me off a bit too.And he wasn’t the only date to turn a romantic meal into a classroom session.

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When I was 13 years old, I remembering telling myself, “I haven’t even kissed a boy and I have an STI.” That’s how the kids in my class and I were taught about HIV, an infection that I’ve had since birth. A bit about me: I’m 24, living in the Greater Toronto Area and a Gemini who works as a freelance journalist. My mother contracted HIV after my father had several affairs, and she was unaware of her status when she got pregnant, gave birth and breastfed me.

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