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This summer, the launch of LMN will see the cola wars taking a back seat and the battle spilling over to the non-cola segment, to be more precise in the nimbu paani category.

On the occasion of LMN's launch, Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director and CMO, Parle Agro stated - "Nimbu Pani has traditionally been India's most commonly consumed cold beverage.

Packaged nimbu pani will have tremendous growth potential, higher than other packaged drinks in the out-of-home / on-the-go consumption segment, mainly because of a major shift in consumer behavior.

LMN will be available in both PET and Tetra Pak in the following SKU's and prices.With a catchy tagline - "The Emergency Lemon Refresher", LMN aims to strike a chord with youth and adults alike.In today's times of fast food and speed dating, the name LMN is derived from the SMS version of the word lemon.Currently nimbu pani is consumed in vendor stalls by the roadside or at home.While the roadside nimbu pani has hygiene issues, achieving a consistent taste in home-made nimbu pani is a task.

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Apart from this, our ability to maintain timeliness as well as quality in the assortment and assurance to make timely shipment of the consignments placed by customers has assisted us positioning our name in the list of top-notch companies of the industry.

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