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Australia), Laundy denied the claims, but also cited a number of sources confirming the rumours were true.

Laundy then shut down the claims for good, saying “It’s all complete bullshit.

Kyle Dalton Sandilands (born 10 June 1971) is an Australian radio host living in Sydney.Probably the most sincere of all the Bachelor and Bachelorettes. A number of prominent media personalities disagree, calling out Monk for her fake behaviour on the show. “I think Sophie Monk has got exactly what she wanted to get out of this show.I think she’s a smart businesswoman, that she wants to be in the entertainment industry and I think she’s become Australia’s darling,” Rusciano said, before saying she doesn’t disagree with Monk if it is the case, and rather she wants to “high five” Monk for it.In 2010, he became a judge on Australia's Got Talent and also on Australia's version of The X Factor.Sandilands has become known for controversial on-air stunts and offensive comments.

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