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Alongside the daily tasks mentioned above, participants are also expected to help in cleaning and maintaining the project site.

This includes collecting and piling the elephant dung to use as compost, cleaning the elephant’s bed and helping with the harvesting of banana plants that we grow.

PMGY have created a programme that allows you to work directly with this amazing animal, giving them the daily care and support they need.

The project fees for the programme are used to fund the care of the elephants.

Based on the exotic island of Sri Lanka you’ll provide these elephants with much needed daily, hands-on care.

For a relatively small country, Sri Lanka has a high population of elephants – over 4,000.

The elephants enjoy this part of the day the most as it is like a massage for them!

Given the history some of these elephants have had, we do not endorse or allow any commercial riding of the elephant to take place at the project.There’s every reason to establish exactly what the chain of command was for events in the final stages - the few weeks of the war which were very bloody and predictably bloody.’It accused Channel 4 of a ‘continuing hostile and biased editorial position’ with regard to its reporting on Sri Lanka, focussing attention on ‘a number of highly spurious and uncorroborated allegations’ and seeking, ‘entirely falsely’, to implicate members of the Sri Lanka government and senior military figures.The channel was also accused of ‘choosing to ignore the many positive post-conflict developments now taking place in the country’.Lovely Indian girls with deep dark tans are spreading their legs and sucking on cocks.Indian Girls Club is the place where sexy girls, aunty, bhabhi and amateur couples sharing their sexual fantasies online with public.

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