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Claud Butler established an important and endearing legacy.

Some of Britain's most celebrated 'artisan' frame builders either began their careers or spent time sweating over a gas torch and firebricks at Claud's Clapham Manor Street workshop just either side of the war.

Claud's finances were in a poor state and a large sum owing to the taxman put the final nail in the coffin. The Clapham Manor Street works closed in 1956, and so ended the Claud Butler empire and production of real Claud Butler cycles.

Frames were produced to a high standard, with originality and a distinct flair as well as offering good value for money.However, his association with this body was curtailed.In the late thirties Claud Butler began to experiment with bronze-welded construction without the use of the usual proprietary lug castings.So why is this marque so special and what made it stand head-and-shoulders above a myriad of highly competitive rivals?Claud Butler was a successful club cyclist, and from humble beginnings in late twenties south London he developed his marque into the premier brand amongst hand-made enthusiasts’ cycles.

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Claud Butler was certainly the premier - and most prolific - marque amongst British lightweight cycles in the heyday of British club cycling in the middle of the last century.

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