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In all honesty "Meet the Santas" is not good, watch at any other time of the year and the temptation to mock it would be so easy but under the influence of Christmas those issues and they are numerous are forgiven as you just enjoy this good natured, obvious but still amusing tale, even if it is made for young audiences.It's been a year since Nick (Steve Guttenberg - The Poseidon Adventure) turned Beth (Crystal Bernard) into a believer and asked her to marry him, but with Nick being busy preparing for Christmas they still haven't gotten around to tying the knot and until Beth becomes Mrs. When Ernest (Armin Shimerman) spots a gap for them to marry on Christmas Eve it leaves them only 11 days to arrange the wedding and so Beth is forced to ask her mum, snobbish non believer Joanna (Mariette Hartley - Silence of the Heart) to help, but that just leads to more problems especially as Beth starts to wonder whether she is good enough to be Mrs. Whilst "Meet the Santas" picks up the story of Nick and Beth the Christmas after he proposed what we get is a storyline which is all over the place.That is the thing as "Meet the Santas" is very much a movie which targets young audiences and offers little for adults who find themselves watching.Both Steve Guttenberg and Crystal Bernard carry on the good work they did in the first movie but unfortunately it also means we get more of the painfully forced "ho-ho-ho" from Guttenberg.All of which is quite obvious and plays out in a typical but nice fashion as not only do they try and keep Nick's secret from Beth's non believing mum but Beth has doubts as to whether she will be good enough to be a Mrs. Now on one hand this storyline is a bit ho-hum-drum rather than ho-ho-ho as there is little which feels original and most of it is telegraphed.It means that from an adults point of view "Meet the Santas" is a bit boring but for young children the simple humour of Nick, Beth and especially Ernest trying to hide what Nick does from Beth's mum will amuse.

I also need to confess I have a fondness for Christmas movies that take you behind the scenes of Christmas i.e., films set at the North Pole, in Santa's Workshop, etc. Nick Snowden (Cavanagh) is a new kind of Santa Claus: He's young, single and clueless about women.

And so with that in mind here is "Meet the Santas" the sequel to "Single Santa Seeks Mrs.

Claus" which sees new Santa Nick struggling to juggle getting ready for Christmas and his marriage to Beth because unless he marries her by Christmas Eve there will be no Christmas.

What this all boils down to is that "Meet the Santas" is basically the same fun which "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. It does mean that if you are not in the Christmas spirit then it is going to be cheesy and painful, but for those who are feeling some Christmas love it should entertain.

The end of the year is near, which means my DVR is working overtime, choking on a veritable cornucopia of films like "A Very Merry Mix-Up," "Snow Bride" and "Fir Crazy." (Yes, those are all real movies.) It's the season when channels like Hallmark, Lifetime and ABC Family spruce up their joints and hang the tinsel for the annual deluge of made-for-TV Christmas movies.

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"Holiday in Handcuffs") but they all have that special holiday secret sauce that will make you smile.

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