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Install the Fast Exchange Cached Mode GPO Administrative Template: The Outlook users will need to download the new group policy and either restart their computer or restart Outlook to get the new settings.

If you are a VPN user or a mobile user who cannot receive Group Policy settings, you can download the Fast Cached file, and install it manually.

After being migrated my mobile phone/tablet no longer connects to my mailbox or calendar After migration, Outlook fails to open and displays the error, “Outlook cannot open your default set of mail folders” or a similar error message I have just migrated and my Outlook is slow or my emails aren't sending/receiving Searching is slow (need to set up cached mode)After migration I am getting a certificate error every time I restart Outlook After being migrated to Office 365, I can no longer access public folders I’ve just migrated and my access to shared calendars is slow or unpredictable I’ve been migrated to Office 365 and my shared mailbox isn’t updating correctly / I’m seeing different content to my colleagues Outlook repeatedly asks me to log in Windows Outlook 2013 is showing Disconnected at the bottom of the screen, and I can’t send/receive email. My Outlook 2011 (Mac) calendar isn't updating or I get permission errors How can I set up a secondary Outlook 2013 profile on my PC to connect to a shared mailbox? As a part of the Office 365 upgrade, your "recently-used addresses" information will have been erased.

On rare ocassions it can take up to 48 hours to finish. You may be more satisfied using until the synchronisation process is complete. This worked in the old version AND works in the new version, but as this is a brand new email system, this history will begin afresh.

Any resources that you need access to in public folders will need to be relocated to Office 365 on a case by case basis. If the shared mailbox still seems slow or difficult to navigate afterwards, we recommend archiving content to the online archive archive or reducing the numbers of folders (including subfolders. The solution is to ensure that shared mailboxes are moved to Office 365 at the same time as the people who access them.

Please log a call with the Service Desk on extension 5050 and we will assist you with this. The less complex the mailbox is, the better it will perform. ITS will endeavour to do this as best practise, but there may be occasions where there are delays in the migration process, resulting in a short period of time where your shared mailbox can’t be accessed.

Users have complained for months that Public Folder Favorites were not being cached in Outlook 2016, even though caching Public Folder Favorites was enabled in Account Settings, More Settings.

This also affected the ability to search public folders: because the items weren't cached, Outlook wasn't indexing the folder contents.

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Unless you and the mailbox you have delegate control of are migrating at the same time you won’t be able to access the mailbox afterwards. In many cases you will be prompted twice for each account, but this should only happen the first time you connect after following the steps above. In the Generic Credentials section, you should see one or more credentials listed. You may find that if you use the recipient's name from the "To" line (autocomplete), you will get that error, but if you search for the name in the email directory and use that, then it is fine.

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