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You don't have to do the 'now go collect things' side stuff.

In the past we've had you do that." He's talking about grinding. "We think of it as 'the MMO bits.' But we're not taking it out, either. If you level a Jedi knight now, it doesn't take hundreds of hours. It could be 50 or even 30 hours now, depending on who you are and how you play. But we also heard, loud and clear, this scream for story, for personal custom story.'" Five new companions will be available throughout the quest, taken from a cast with very different allegiances.

Companion System Changes: With the release of Game Update 4.0, all Companion characters will now be able to switch between all three primary combat roles.

Expandability and Versatility Simply put, we need to make sure the Companion system has both the versatility, and expandability necessary to keep up with your desires to have bolder, more meaningful choice options, as well as to fully utilize the incredible storytelling potential of Knights of the Fallen Empire’s episodic narrative.It's just been streamlined, with new options for the way each player approaches the game."I want to be really clear to our fans out there who are deep MMO fans. Come to moments with the choice wheel where you choose between light and dark. The expansion — which Bio Ware says is its biggest to date — offers up nine episodes with more coming month-by-month in the New Year. But not only is this story an RPG and an MMO, it's also episodic.

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