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Suddenly his pregnant wife goes into labor, but he completely ignores it, as he is more dedicated to his leader and party.

At the same time, the party's deputy leader (Nassar) visits the locality; as soon as he comes to know about this incident, the leader lends his car and orders his driver to immediately take the pregnant lady to the hospital; she delivers a baby boy named Pazhani before they get to the hospital.

His discreet attempts to research the gangster fail miserably.

Finally when he gets caught snooping, things hit the fan.

This leaves behind a battle between good and bad with what is good and what is bad being unclear.

An aspiring director targets a ruthless gangster because he wants to make a violent gangster film.

This is a smartly made movie though not a genius film! At the age of fifteen, Pazhani secures the first rank in his 10th standard state exam and visits the party deputy-leader, now the chairman of the party and a member of the ruling coalition for his blessings with his father.While they are waiting in the party office for the leader to come in, they witness a murder of a rebel party candidate by their own revered leader due to caste-related comments by the rebel on him.After his graduation, he returned to India and is now a well-established scientist.Siddarth uses the medical field for the wrong reasons and his own profit.

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