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If anyone should appreciate the old adage, “Once bitten, twice shy,” it’s Oliver Queen.As neat as it was seeing another familiar DC character make their Arrow-verse debut this week, "Human Target" mainly succeeded in other areas.Now if the show can just do something to boost Artemis’ profile, the new team will be doing alright.This episode also included a minor subplot involving Felicity’s reluctance to reveal to Ollie that she’s dating someone new.Love or hate Olicity, that romance has run its course now. It was also nice seeing the flashback storyline start to develop a more clear and tangible connection to the present.In the past, we learned that not everyone in the Bratva is keen on welcoming Ollie into the fold. Chance have met before, even if the former doesn’t realize it.

He might as well savor the moment, because it’s pretty clear Prometheus is happy to fill the void left by the late Mr. Sidebar - why would anyone in Star City be surprised to hear that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow?Frankly, this is a much more compelling angle for that character.You do have to wonder, though, why Ollie and Thea would be dumb enough to still trust her at this point.It was almost exactly a year ago that Arrow inducted Matt Ryan’s John Constantine into this superhero universe.Maybe it’s becoming a tradition to use each season’s fifth episode to introduce a DC character made famous by another TV series.

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Maybe he’s just one of those heroes etter suited for small guest roles like this.

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