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It is a significant boost for president Trump, in a week that also saw major tax reform passed.Seven of the nine justices lifted injunctions imposed by lower courts against the policy.

Federal appeals courts in San Francisco, California, and Richmond, Virginia, will hear arguments on whether the latest iteration of the policy is lawful.

The measure, which also banned Syrian refugees indefinitely, prompted protests and multiple legal challenges.

A revised version in March removed Iraq from the list and lifted the indefinite ban on Syrian refugees.

1-8, 1967, when they gained 520 in a loss at Washington and 535 in a victory over New Orleans.

That was the only other season in which the Giants had two 500-yard games. *The Giants did not allow a sack for the second time this season (also at Dallas on Oct. *The Giants scored a first-possession touchdown for the third time this season when Andre Williams scored on a one-yard run just in to the game.

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The move means travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen will face restrictions on their entry to the United States.

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