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They were spotted walking hand-in-hand on the show's Los Angeles set Tuesday and late Wednesday, Michele and Buckley posted on their Instagram pages photos of the two with other members of the cast and crew.

One of them shows them getting photo-bombed on the set by director and writer Stephen Cedars as they sit in front of a fake brownstone on a New York City-themed street in one of the studio lots in the city."Just us and our very subdued director #oldemoneyboyz #Dimension404," Michele wrote.

“He pushed her chair in for her and everything.” Another source said, “They were interlocked the whole time they were sitting at the counter, like arms wrapped around each other at their seats and rubbing each other’s backs…at one point …After all, there's been nothing quite like the rollercoaster ride of relationships and drama since the final credits rolled in 2012.Yet, did you know that the show was also the birthplace of a number of relationships in real life too?Wade, who is 36 years-old, has a new love to show off on Instagram besides her mischievous dogs, Dave and Opal. Even Buckley isn’t shy about sharing the love on his Instagram, and his latest post includes a romantic trip to Disneyland.Made the mistake of saying her baking is “getting better” and this happens. While you raid Jenny Wade’s Instagram for more pics of this cute couple, also be sure to check out her Twitter account, which contains some hilarious one-liners.

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Indeed, many members of the cast gave love a try during their time of the show, some with more success than others.

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